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Wash N Fold started as a small laundry shop a few years back offering a wide range of laundry services to people around Qatar. Being a country where there is scarcity of water compared to the rest of the world, the idea of a perfect wash was a nightmare to most of the middle class society in Qatar. The objective of starting Wash N Fold was to provide quality laundry service to Qataris using eco-friendly laundry products and keeping hygiene as the first priority. Being one of the richest and busiest countries of the world, Qatar lodges one of the largest working class populations in the world. And we provide them express delivery services with an efficient logistics team to pick up and deliver laundry at their door step on time.

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Wash N Fold is an online laundry service that offers professional laundry work including carpet cleaning, dry cleaning, press wash and pressing. We offer Express delivery service for your timely needs and convenience. Putting our customers’ health and safety as our highest priority, our store as well as delivery team strictly follows the present COVID guidelines set by the Government of Qatar for sanitization. We also ensure 100% chemical-free detergent solutions.....

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