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Privilege Club

Privilege Club is a premium community of WNF customers. Privilege club members are given priority services and exclusive benefits. It is our way of showing gratitude to our loyal customer base.

There is no joining or subscription procedure for Privilege Club. A customer becomes a member of the Privilege Club on making his first successful payment.



Privilege Club offers 4 membership tiers for customers – which are based on the order worth a customer places with us. There are Bronze, Silver, Gold and Diamond (lowest to highest) tiers.

Customer is automatically upgraded or downgraded to the respective tiers based on the WNF points he earns.

On each successful payment Customer makes, he gets a certain number of points called WNF Points or Wash N Fold Points. Points determine a customer’s Tier and the cashback he receives.

Membership Tier WNF Points Cashback
Bronze 1-100 5%
Silver 101-200 10%
Gold 201-300 15%
Diamond 01-99999 20%

NB: WNF points are valid only for the on-going membership cycle. At the beginning of every membership cycle, WNF points will be reset to Zero.


Any time a customer earns enough WNF points required to be in a particular tier he will be upgraded to that tier. Tier status is valid from the day of upgradation (during the current cycle) till the end of the next membership cycle.

A membership cycle is a month’s period calculated from the day you make your first successful payment for your order. For example if your payment was made on 17-01-2020, your first membership cycle is 17-01-2020 to 16-02-2020. Second cycle from 17-02-2020 to 16-03-2020, and so on.

If the points earned during the previous cycle are below the point level required to continue in the current cycle, Customer will be downgraded to the respective tier based on the points of the last cycle.

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